Dictionary of the Frequently Used Words in Arabic

1 December 2021

In order to have knowledge of vocabulary, which is one of the factors that promotes the learning of a language, it is necessary to have access to some necessary sources, especially dictionaries. Nevertheless, general dictionary studies do not supply any information for language learners as to which words have priority over other words. Language education specialists who understand this critical need have opted to prepare dictionaries of frequently used words in every language, attempting to train language adequacy by removing ambiguity from the language learning process.

This work, which is published in the Series of Arabic Education by ISAR Publishing, is a thematic dictionary which has resulted from such an effort. The dictionary contains approximately 5,000 words and is comprised of three parts, frequently used words in: classical religious texts, daily life, and economics/Islamic economics. Along with the English and Turkish meanings of the words, information about the frequncy of a word in a specific text repository and an example usage of the word in Arabic are also present.