The Science of Hadith in the Ottoman Empire Book Released

20 January 2021

When dealing with the history of the Islamic sciences, an important point that attracts the attention of many specialists working in the field is that it is necessary to deal with the time period that has elapsed for the sciences in a manner of continuity. Undoubtedly, the emphasis on continuity here makes it necessary to evaluate the past with correct perspectives in investigations that look to the past. Conducting in-depth research on the history of Ottoman sciences from different perspectives constitutes the first and most important step of this process. Like other sciences subject to this process, the state of the science of hadith will be revealed more clearly as a result of the afore-mentioned researches. If precommitments can be rid of such theories as stagnation, regression and awakening, which are problematic in many aspects, and thought that is specific to the Ottomans understood, the role played by that science in all the branches of science may be understood in a much more healthy way. As a matter of fact, as a manifestation of this uniqueness, the devotion felt towards the Prophet in the Ottoman period as reflected in poetry, literature, art, music and architecture is also of a nature that can be the subject of the science of hadith. Taking this perspective, the science of hadith in the Ottoman period, hadith glosses, versified translations of forty hadiths, hadith commentaries that followed a mystical course, and the translations of shamail works became an integral part of Ottoman culture.

This book consists of studies that evaluate the nature of the science of hadith in the Ottoman period from different aspects. It is hoped that the texts dealing with various subjects such as scholars, works, hadith ijazas, the tradition of sharh-hashiya, hadith discussions, Sunni-Shia interaction will fill an important gap in this field, and it is intended that the study will serve as an exemplary framework for research on the science of hadith in the Ottoman Empire.

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