2019 Fall Semester Opening Conference Held

3 October 2019

The 2019-2020 Fall Semester Opening Conference was held on 5 October Saturday by Süleyman Kaya. Suleyman Kaya, in his speech, while talking about the sources of the law of waqf focused on certain issues that occupied the ilmiya class within the scope of the law of waqf in the Ottoman period. Suleyman Kaya, who focused on cash waqfs and their legitimacy, touched upon the concept of ‘Ijaratayn’ and how cash waqfs emerged due to need in the life of Ottoman society.

Süleyman Kaya

Originally from Trabzon, Kaya was born in Pendik, Istanbul. He graduated from Kartal Anatolian Imam Hatip High School and Marmara University Faculty of Theology. He completed his Master's degree from the Departments of Islamic Law and History of Economics at Marmara University and his Doctorate degree from the Department of Islamic Law. Süleyman Kaya, who also serves on the academic committee of the ISAR, is currently an associate professor at the Department of Islamic Law, Faculty of Theology, Istanbul University.