The book

22 November 2019

Human and animal coexistence is as old as human history. Mankind has been taking advantage of animals, which are accepted as a part of the universe and an important element of ecological balance, in many areas, especially in feeding, dressing and transportation. This network of relationships has expanded to include human health experiments in the field of medicine, especially in the last two centuries.

ISAR Medicine and Ethics Working Group has organized very important and comprehensive meetings, workshops, symposiums and panels for 10 years, bringing both theoretical and practical knowledge and national and international acquisitions to interested parties. Many of these studies have been published by ISAR Publications. In this context, in the Animal Ethics Workshop organized by our group on February 9, 2019, our relationship with animals in terms of “religious, philosophical, moral, legal” aspects, based on the phenomenon of experimental use of animals, which constitute a very important place in medical research and which is evaluated with greater sensitivity in the world. A modest contribution was made to the animal ethics literature which has reached a significant volume in the Western world under the title of “animal ethics”. This book consists of workshop presentations and some articles appended to them.

While presenting the book to you, dear readers, we find it appropriate to include the following determination of the late Ahmed Hamdi Akseki Hoja, who expressed tersely how human beings should look at animals: “Islamic morals can be condensed into two things: respect and submission to the Divine commandments; compassion to the creatures.”

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